Battlefield V Guide – Understanding Combat Roles: Recon & Support

January 18, 2019 at 4:57PM PST

As part of our essential guides to Battlefield V’s new class-based Combat Roles, Battlefield expert Stodeh runs us through the four diverse choices for the Recon and Support classes, and how each of their distinct traits can help guide your team to victory via the long-range fire of a sniper rifle or the suppressive abilities of a beefy LMG.

The first Combat Role Stodeh details is the Recon’s Pathfinder. This role positions you as an aggressive scout, with the Advance Scouting trait encouraging you to venture behind enemy lines in order to utilise the Recon class’s Spawn Beacon gadget. While this Combat Role works best in isolation, requiring some stealthy nous to breach enemy territory undetected, Stodeh breaks down how this will ultimately benefit the team as a whole and how the Vanguard trait greatly contributes to this.

The second Recon Combat Role is simply titled Sniper. This role improves your abilities as a long-range killing machine, and Stodeh explains how its unique traits can benefit the team, too. The Eagle Eyed trait, for example, allows you to spot enemies for your entire team to see. This used to be commonplace across every class in previous Battlefields, but it now provides the Recon class with a unique, team-friendly advantage. In this video Stodeh also runs us through the Expert Marksman trait and how effective use of this can allow you to continually harass the enemy from afar, whether you’re wielding a Lee-Enfield No 4. Mk I or a Kar98k sniper rifle.

On the Support side of the equation, the Engineer Combat Role focuses on the synergetic teamwork between a tank driver and yourself. Stodeh details how the Vehicle Fixer and Heavy Weapons traits work in unison to support your team’s game-changing vehicles, allowing you to keep them in tip-top shape while intermittently hopping into the gunner seat to lay down extended bursts of fire to repel any infantry units. This role also provides you with an advantage when it comes to building Battlefield V’s new fortifications, giving you the chance to quickly assemble cover around an objective your team is currently defending.

Finally, the last Combat Role we cover in this video is the Support class’s Machine Gunner. While the Engineer Combat Role serves as a supportive role for your fellow teammate’s vehicles, Machine Gunner gives you the option to go on the offensive with the Bullet Storm and Focused Fire traits affecting the suppressive fire abilities of the Support class’s arsenal of LMGs and MMGs. Stodeh explains how best to utilise this versatile role to help guide your team to victory.