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+6 Iceborne!  


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This guide will tell you all about +6 Iceborne and why you should be using it. +6 Iceborne can be obtained from almost the beginning of the game. Why is it important do you ask? Well get this; +6 Iceborne will give you "When under 50% health, grants +30% decreased damage taken. While Iceborne is active, grants 8% lifesteal that cannot heal beyond 50% health".

This means that you should be able to float at 50% life for most of the fight. If you were to dip below 50% you get the damage reduction which will make it feel like you have more life until you get healed to 50%.

To get +6 you can and should go to The Middleman and combine 2 defense cells until you get a Iceborne cell. This can be done by using green +1 cells with the shield icon either by mixing or combining the same two for a stronger Iceborne cell.

If you get an Iceborne from combining 2 random +1 cells hold onto it until you can randomly get another +1 Iceborne cell. You can then combine those 2 +1 Iceborne cells to become a +2 and continue on for +3.

Now to get +6 you can either socket 2 +3 cells or craft a Boreal March and socket a +3 cell. You will have to upgrade the armor piece to +10 before it will get +3. But at +6 it will get to +2; so with just the feet and a +3 socket you can get +5 Iceborne. At +5 you will only be missing 5% damage reduction and only 2% lifesteal.

This is just one part of a multi-part build, stay tuned for the next +6 stat recommendation!

For more information on cells go to:


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