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Drop some links to any addons you want to let people know about or think are good to have. Try not to post more than a few just so we can see what everyone might be using. I'll get it started with 3 I'm going to start out with.


Questie -

A quest helper addon. Some of us may go old school but I just figured I'd share.

TrinketMenu Classic -

With classic means more trinkets which means... CARROT ON A STICK! I think this was the addon I used to have switch my trinket for me when I mounted. It also helps with changing through multiples when they are on CD.

Better Vendor Price -

I guess I forgot that classic didn't have vendor prices on their tool-tips. So here is something that will.


I posted WoWinterface links because a few weren't on CurseForge and I also don't know if the Twitch app works with classic. The addons install but haven't been able to play with them yet.

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If they remake it or add it back I will use Atlas


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let's see if the link works.  These are 15 addons that were used by several players during the beta.  they should be ready for classic; pick and choose which you prefer.  

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Gotta get me some of that Atlas Loot boy howdy... recount for sure, too bad about quest helper but luckily we got Questie instead. Cartographer would be great but I'm not sure if that's still around. What are we doing for raid frames and UI mods?