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Vanilla Classic Mode August 2019
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We Believe Gaming Is Most Fun Shared With Friends, All For One and One For All.

Sure, we love the games we play and we’re very passionate about how we play those games but our mission is always about taking care of those who are most important to us, and that’s what the core of our gaming community is all about.

Pint Sized Carnage

Competitive gaming fine tuned for the savagery of today’s Battle Royale generation. We host an elite group of Twitch streamers.

Battle For Azeroth & Vanilla Classic Mode

Dedicated raid groups running all the current content and the latest Arena Season happenings.

Steam Powered

Playing today’s most popular titles from the most talented studios and developers on Steam and other top eStores.

Our Story Began in a World of Warcraft

From Bloodscalp to Burning Legion, Tyranny has graced the many chapters of World of Warcraft and will soon rise again in preparation of WoW Classic Mode.

Incredible Talent

Over the years Tyranny’s ranks have grown into an extremely well seasoned group of skilled MMO operators who share a passion for the game and hunt. Be it Raiding or Arena our crew is dedicated and commited. We will bring the fight.


Our launch schedule has been carefully strategized and our eye is on leading the curve. Tyranny focuses on the enjoyment of progression and meeting those goals in a a rewarding method to ensure our members get the best possible experience. Our guild leadership is comprised of a group of highly intellegent, hardworking and very loyal individuals who lead at the front. Our focus will be on Raiding and PvE at launch but will transition into picking up PvP as well just before the start of the beginning of the first Season.

Trusted Commitment

Tyranny finds a comfortable line between Casual and Hardcore. Our team members have careers, families and lives outside gaming and we strive to maintain healthy relationships both in-game and beyond the virtual space.

The Finest Gaming Community

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean


Social networking is a big part of what we do here and since nobody likes to miss a thing we’ve got every angle covered. Don’t be shy, there’s something for everyone.

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Quality Assurance Focus

Quality Assurance Focus

New Star Citizen Video Focuses On Quality Assurance Team Posted by Poorna Shankar on Aug 23, 2019  | 77 Comments image: https://images.mmorpg.com/images/heroes/news/53497.jpg In a new video (via MassivelyOP), Inside Star Citizen...

Search Ship Matrix

Search Ship Matrix

Ship Matrix DISCLAIMER: These are our current vehicle specifications. Some of this may change during the 3D design and game balancing process. VIEW SHIP MATRIX

Anvil Arrow Starter Pack

Anvil Arrow Starter Pack

PACKAGE - ANVIL ARROW STARTER PACK VIEW ALL GAME PACKAGES Unmatched design, blazing top speed, and ultra-responsive maneuverability make the Arrow the most agile scrapper in its class. And, a robust weapons package provides firepower to spare. This is truly the...

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